Lone Star Bloodhounds
Nora and Jeff Brazil
Lubbock , Texas

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Welcome to Lone Star Bloodhounds!

We are a family owned Kennel located outside of Lubbock, Texas.  All of our dogs are the highest quality have some of the best pedigrees.  We have years of experience as a bloodhound breeder.  When you come see us you can rest assured that we are NOT a puppy mill or pet broker.  All of our dogs are handled and loved daily.  We love our puppies and will only sell to people that  we feel can provide them a good home. 

What should you expect with our puppies?

All of our puppies come with a health guarantee. When you come to pick up your new bloodhound puppy it will have all it's shots and will be dewormed.  Your new companion will be healthy and ready to transition to its new home. 

Reputable Pedigree. All of our bloodhounds will be AKC registered. We have been improving our bloodline for years and have some of the highest quality bloodhounds available.

Show Quality at Pet Price. We are passionate about the breed and want people to have the opportunity to experience the companionship we have with our dogs.  Many of our puppies are show quality but we strive to keep our prices affordable to everyone. 

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the our puppies or about bloodhounds in general.  

Our Bloodhound puppies have been used and trained in wide and varied areas including:

  • Hunting and tracking 
  • Search and Rescue 
  • Prison tracking 
  • Law enforcement and Tracking
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Family Pets  

Bloodhounds are massive, large hound dog.  But, don't let their size fool you they are gentle and affectionate especially around children.  They are a truly good-natured companion.  Our kids climb and clamber all over them and they will sit and take it. They love the attention! Bloodhounds are a kind patient and noble dog that make awesome family pets or can be a work horse tracking just about anything.  Through the years of training and breeding bloodhounds we have only become more passionate about the breed.  If you are looking for a bloodhound breeder, that truly cares about their dogs and can offer insight into the breed give us a call.

Lonestar Bloodhounds is located just west of Lubbock Texas.

 Our goal is to provide the best quality dogs to those that truly love the breed at an affordable price.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Contact Information
email: jbrazil@smyer-


Next Litter Expected Early May
Dam: Brazil's Belle
Sire: Brazil's Rufus
Wait List Started now and filling fast!

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